Priesthood of All Believers

What’s a pastor to do when you have three funerals, two people in the hospital, a class to lead, a sermon to write, a house to clean and you have the flu? You don’t worry at all because you know that this is the church and the church is the people of God. And that is exactly how it all happened.

These past couples of weeks have been over the top. You know when it rains it pours. But I never panicked.

Surrounding me were a slew of leaders just waiting to pitch in. Fred Schroer was the lead dog for a number of guys who stepped up to check up on Michael Penn during his open heart surgery and other medical needs. My staff was by my side as we planned Elfriede Thoryk’s funeral. Arnie Kraby came in to put together the service program for the funeral. Diane Thomas and Michael Johnson made a visit to Michael Penn’s mother. The water pipe that broke (oh yea, I forgot to mention that) during the freeze was covered by Jeff Davis, Carl Stier, and Ron Jaeger. Deanna Venzon has been making and lining up meals for Karen Landgren and Rosemary Tallon. Sue and Fred checked up on the Tallon’s dog so Rosemary could visit family in Canada. My wife cleaned the house while I was running around. There is still more to do and there more leaders pitching in as we move forward.

In theological language it is called the “Priesthood of all Believers”. We are all called in the kingdom of God to serve one another. We serve the world for the sake of Christ. I mention this because I want to emphasize the priesthood of all believers this year. We are not just members of the church. We are the body of Christ. Following on the heels of the Reformation emphasis, I will be talking about “Re-for-mation.” What does the priesthood of all believers look like today? The previous examples are perfect illustrations of how it works.
We work, worship, pray, celebrate, serve, etc. together as God’s people. The question that I want to leave you with is, Where do you see your faith leading you to participate in God’s kingdom?

~In His Service Pastor Bob