God Working Through Us

I love making list of things to do. I can’t think of one story in scripture to support this strategy. What I do know is somewhere long ago I must have discovered this technique and it worked, because I have several list of things to do or buy in my pocket or on my phone directing my daily activities. And I might add, some of my best days are when I complete the list, which is almost never. I think the truth is that list keep this scattered brained pastor focused. So I have put a short list of goals I would hope that our church could achieve this year.


1) Increase Worship Attendance: I have watched our worship attendance slip over the last few years. We could make a list of all sorts of reasons of why we fail to attend. Listing why we choose not to come to church will not solve the issue. What will work is for all of us to commit ourselves to attending more regularly. It is that simple. I am not going to go into some great strategy. I am simply going to set this as a goal. Worshipping God is wonderful. Let’s make our life more wonderful. Let’s attend church regularly.

2)  Purchase new carpet. Our carpet needs to be replaced badly. I know that all of you know that. I am just stating the obvious. We have had a few companies give us some prices and we will be getting a final price soon. Whatever the price is we need to make this happen. By making it a primary goal, I think we will. So when you are asked to help, please do.

This is the end of my list of things to do. Yes, that is short, but that will help us stay focused. Now let’s make it happen.
Before I end, let me tell you what we scratched off of our list last year. We eliminated the need for a new roof for the next 25 years. That is big! A member purchased a new folding machine for the office. That was very important for our production team. A library was added to our facility. That was strategic to who we are. A fan was added to the kitchen. That was a request by the Friends of Faith cooks who use it the most. A member purchased a new computer for our financial records. That was essential. The truth is that most of these were not on a list at the first of the year, but they became part of a list as the needs arose.
Finally, let me reiterate what I discussed in the last e-newsletter. This all happens because of God working through us.The official theological term for this is the Priesthood of All Believers. We are the people of God. Since last month’s letter, I have seen SEVERAL of you step up to help us with caring for each other at funerals, with illnesses and other assorted activities.  Our church is capable of many things because of Christ working through us. With that in mind and with the evidence of what we did last year, let’s increase our attendance and install some carpet as well as do all the other things we do as a congregation together. THANK YOU!!!!
~Pastor Mitchell